My Holiday Wish List

On December 8, 2009

iPhoneThe holidays are upon us once again.  In celebration of surviving yet another year, I give you my holidays wish list with regards to all things related to What’s On iPhone:

  • I wish the iPhone would abandon AT&T as a carrier in the United States.  Well, maybe not abandon, but not offer as the sole choice.  In my ideal world, the iPhone would simply be sold as its own unit by Apple itself and you can choose your own provider.
  • I wish the iPod Touch had a camera and a built-in microphone.  It has taken strides by providing a built-in speaker, the possibility of a microphone (with attachment) and Bluetooth.  Granted, such add-ons would take business away from the iPhone, but so does Apple’s sole association with AT&T.
  • I wish certain software was more inexpensive on iTunes.  If you can get your own GPS unit for $99, why would you pay the same for similar software on an iPhone?  And then pay $129 for a hardware kit to go with it?
  • I wish iTunes had a better system for recovering apps in the event of a PC crash (note I didn’t say Mac crash).  Why can’t iTunes remember all the apps you downloaded on your account somewhere so you can re-download them later?  The last time I had to re-download from memory and I’m sure I missed some.

But these are just wishes.  Perhaps some of them will come true after the new year, depending on the will of Jobs.  Happy Holidays, all!