New And Free (For Now) – iTalk Recorder

On October 26, 2008

Word on the street is that the next update for the iPhone will, among other things, add support for line-in accessories.

This is especially great news because I tried to record a talk the other night using my device and the quality was lousy. I discovered that while it is fantastic as a dictation machine when it is close to the mouth of the speaker, it doesn’t fare quite as well when there is significant distance between individual speaking and the iPhone’s the microphone. The ability to add a high quality, noise canceling, directional mic for recording in large lecture halls will be great.

While we have no idea when the new firmware version will be released, in the meantime a new voice recording option is available right now.

Griffin is offering their new iTalk Recorder as a free download. At least for now.

iTalk Recorder  is the software version of software version of  the dictation devices they’ve  previously offered for iPods.

There are number of things I like very much about this application. The first is that it’s accompanied by free desktop software that syncs seamlessly over WiFi.  (Sorry Windows users, the version for your computers is coming but not yet released.)  The second thing is that it’s simple and intuitive to use. When you start the application you are invited to input a name for the recording, you’re asked to choose from one of three recording quality options, and there’s a big button that says "press to record". Finally,  there’s the fact that it’s a free download.

Features of iTalk Recorder include–
–High-quality handheld recording using your iPhone or iPod touch
–Easy, convenient user interface and controls
–Drag & drop wireless file transfers to your computer
–User-selectable 11.025 kHz, 22.05 kHz, or 44.10 kHz sample rates

 For more information on the application you can check out Griffin’s website here.

 You can find the application in the iTunes Apps Store HERE.