New In The App Store – Juxtaposer Lite

On January 15, 2009

I’m a huge fan of Juxtaposer and think it is well worth the $2.99 price. If you’re not entirely convinced yet you are in luck. 

Juxtaposer Lite is a new free version of the app that lets you easily combine any two images into fun and creative photomontages. 

With it you can…


-easily put your friend’s head on a statue’s body, remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join your favourite band, it’s simple and the process is fun. 

-erase (or un-erase) parts of the top image by drawing on the screen with one finger. Using two fingers you can quickly zoom in to work on details with pixel-accuracy. 

Juxtaposer Lite is fully functional and let’s you save your creations to your photo album. It is however operating at a slightly lower image resolution and lacks many of the additional features present in the full version.

Use at your own risk since once you grab the lite version you WILL be buying the full one. 🙂

You can get it here