New In The App Store – Mental Case

On September 18, 2008

I’ve been a bit underwealmed by some of the latest offering in the App Store. Fortunately it takes just one good app to renew your faith. Today’s isn’t just good but looks to be nothing short of GREAT!

MacCoreMac Software has just released Mental Case 1.0. Primarily an app (two actually) intended to prepare flash cards on a Mac and then quickly transfer them to an iPhone/iPod Touch, I can already see Mental Case being useful in a wide variety of situations that extend far beyond flash cards.

Mental Case is two pieces of sotware: the free iPhone/Touch app and a desktop app for $25 ($15 for students).

MacCoreMac Software is running a special and the first 500 individuals purchasing the app will get it for just $10.

I have downloaded both the iPhone and Mac applications already. They  look fantastic and the sync process is flawless. If you think you even MIGHT have a use for it grab it now while the steep discount is available.

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Look for a full review soon.

Mental Case Syncs Flash Cards Between Mac and iPhone

18th September, 2008 – MacCoreMac Software today announced the availability of Mental Case 1.0 for iPhone, the first iPhone flash card application that syncs directly with a Mac. With Mental Case for Mac OS X installed, users can now conveniently prepare flash cards on their Mac, and sync them via wifi to an iPhone (or iPod touch) to study on the go. Mental Case will also keep track of which notes get studied on the iPhone, and sync this information back to the Mac.

Mental Case for Mac OS X is a flash card application with some advanced features: You can create flash cards from text and images, or use the built-in screenshot and iSight support to quickly capture information from the screen or real world. Mental Case will also prepare lessons from your flash cards, which can be studied in a slide show.

With Mental Case for iPhone, you can now transfer your flash cards to a touch device to study. You create flash cards in Mental Case for Mac OS X — either by entering them manually, or by importing them — and then sync them via a wifi network to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Mental Case 1.0 for iPhone is available immediately from the iTunes App Store, and is a free download. Mental Case for Mac OS X can be downloaded, and is being made available for $10 to the first 500 purchasers (normal price $25). Mental Case requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

About MacCoreMac Software Founded in 2001, MacCoreMac Software is a company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which develops exclusively for Mac and iPhone. Their flagship product is the