New In The App Store- Notebook

On September 13, 2008

Appigo (the developers behind ToDo) just released their app Notebook.

Before you say, "Another notes app for the iPhone??" let me tell you…

I have been using a Beta version of Notebook for a few weeks and it is outstanding!

As a stand-alone app it is a really good notes app for the iPhone.

When used with Toodledo (the amazing online task management program) it is a really, really good notes app for the iPhone.

And when used with Toodledo and Appigo’s ToDo task program it is an AWESOME notes program for the iPhone.

Appigo’s description does a good job of capturing everything this highly flexible program can do. It is…


…a powerful tool which gives you access to your notes anywhere. Use Notebook by itself or synchronize your notes to the web using, a free online service for notes and tasks. Capture your thoughts and ideas anywhere, categorize them, and synchronize
them for safe keeping. Later on, you can browse by Notebook or search all notes by entering key words in the search field.

… Notebook does not require an Internet connection to create, modify, or access your notes. You can take notes, capture thoughts, and even modify existing notes at any time or any place. When you’ve got an Internet connection again, simply synchronize your changes and update your iPhone with any changes made on the web.

Notebook also integrates with Appigo Todo, a popular task management app for the iPhone. Use the share button to create a new Todo task directly from your note in a matter of seconds. If your Todo tasks have important notes in them, import them directly into Notebook for later reference.

Additionally, share your notes with others by sending a note directly in an email. Other Notebook users can import notes from these emails directly into their copy of Notebook.


Appigo’s site can be found here.

Get It In The App Store Here