New In The App Store- Web Apps

On September 17, 2008

NEW??? Web Apps???

Aren’t they like… so 1st generation iPhone???

Okay, seriously, when I posted about how great Amazon’s web app is earlier I had no idea the new app Web Apps would be released tonight. Really.

When I saw this app released I had to get it immediately and here is why…

I love the new resident apps that are flowing into the App Store. More accurately, I love the subset of excellent new resident apps that are mixed in with all the crApp flowing into the App Store. Some are absolutely amazing. They have not only changed the way I use my iPhone but how I work, as well.

I love reQall and ToDo, Evernote and eReader, NetNewsWire and Pandora, eWallet and Twittelator Pro, WriteRoom and well, you get the picture.

But as the Amazon web app shows, there are some amazing web apps out there, as well. Lots and lots of amazing web apps in fact. Too many to go search for. Too many to keep inputting urls. Too many to sort through. And too many that can (and on my iPhone HAVE) start filling home screen after home screen.

That is where Web Apps comes in.

 The developer describes Web Apps this way–

Hundreds of iPhone web based apps are now right at your finger tips. Browse, search and add web apps to your favorite list and keep them synched. Over 500 web apps and more being added regularly. Features: – over 500 FREE web apps and it’s growing! Ranging from Games, Entertainment, Productivity, Utilities, News and more!! – NO safari’s address bar – maximizing your screen’s real estate. – Add apps to your favorite list. – Your app list is synched with server automatically. – Browse by categories or search by keywords. – and more…

I’ve been using it for a bit tonight and find it to be a neat little repository and organizer for all the assorted web apps currently available. It offers numerous ways to organize and sort through them including Categories, search, Recently Added, Features and a section for Favorites to make getting to your most used web apps easier. 

One of the great things about Web Apps is that a single screen icon provides access to hundreds of different apps. When you see an app that interests you tap it and you get both a description and a direct link to open it with one more tap. The apps open up within the application so you can easily close them and move to another without the hassle of the Safari browser with its limit of just 8 pages.

It appears that you should be able to create an account that will store your log in information for various sites. A nice idea, although it does raise concerns about giving log in information to an unknown 3rd party. It isn’t a concern, however, since this feature didn’t seem to work no matter how many times I tried it.

The good news is that in just a short period of browsing through the apps in Web Apps I found a bunch that are useful, a few games I want to try and a few others I want to learn more about.

Can you do all this without tha application? Sure, but this is so much more convenient.

Get It Here In The App Store