New At What’s On iPhone – “Focus On Free”

On May 25, 2009

App collecting can sure be fun but even those $.99 apps add up rather fast and before you know it Apple is hitting you with a sizable bill. Fortunately there are an abundance of free apps available. some of them are Lite versions that let you try an app before you buy and others that are just plain free.

But how do you find the best free apps?

To make it easier, tomorrow morning we’ll be introducing "Focus On Free". Each morning, from Monday through Friday, Travis (aka Coach) will review one of the current top FREE apps in the App Store. Some he’ll love, some he won’t.  Along the way there’s no doubt he’ll uncover some gems.

And if you come upon a free app you love… drop him a line and let him know.

We hope this will be one more way WOiP can help you find the best (and avoid the worst) that the App Store has to offer.