Next-gen iPhone to feature quad-core processor

On July 6, 2012

While the fastest smartphone today comes with a quad-core processor for quite some time already, the case is not the same with the iPhone. The latest version, which is the iPhone 4S, makes use of only the dual-core processor. Even then, people have already said good things about the performance of the iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, the prospect of having a better processor has never left anyone’s mind.

For those that have been looking forward for some of the features that will be made available on the new iPhone, you would definitely be feeling happy knowing that the next-generation iPhone will sport a quad-core processor. Instead of using the A5X SoC variant which was previously used on the new iPad, it will instead make use of an ARM processor based on the Samsung Exynos architecture. This much has been mentioned by Digitimes which is a Taiwanese publication which has a patchy record of giving our iPhone rumors.

Earlier on, there were reports stating that Apple wants to make use of the A5X processor but since the A5X is only a dual-core processor, we are not really sure whether that would be best thing that Apple can do. Nevertheless, one of the many things that we are expecting from the next generation iPhone is an improved design.