Nightclub Story – An awesome game idea by TeamLava

On May 10, 2011

Do you like the idea of managing¬† a nightclub, but don‚Äôt like to¬† deal with any dancing , extremely loud music, and the idea of¬† dealing with loads intoxicated patrons ? Well, you can¬† get your¬† own night club manager on in your own house¬†¬† or wherever you are with the application Nightclub Story from TeamLava.This game is¬† the latest entry in their ,,Story” series of games and it has you in charge of a nightclub‚Äôs business, giving you the possibility¬† to personalize the look of your own¬† club, make money to sell new beverages and buy newer and fancier decorations.



One of the most interesting feature from this game is that you can play  music from your own iTunes collection, so if you’ve  wanted to start a nightclub that plays your favorite genre of music , your dream has finally come true. As well, Nightclub Story brings with itthe  social networking features, which gives you the possibility  to exchange photos of your night club with other players, leave tips, and trade items with them.