No Surprise Here…

On June 7, 2009


There are bound to be a few surprises at tomorrow’s WWDC kick off. Maybe Steve Jobs will take the stage briefly. Maybe the iPhone 2009 will be available sooner than the expected mid-July norm. Maybe iPhone OS will be available for immediate download. Yes, we’re talking Apple so there are BOUND to be surprises. 



TheiPhoneBlog ran a post last night stating…

We linked to a WWDC banner a few days ago that highlighted iPhone apps. Looks like it wasn’t alone. Cocoia Blog has posted a few more pictures, another on apps (covering the entire front entrance facade of Moscone Center, above), and one on iPhone OS 3.0. Not so many for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which simply retreads, and now has to share the “World’s most advanced operating system” tag. Check out the full post for more, but the disparity led them comment: It does seem like the Mac is just a small side-note, though.

What I’m trying to figure out, and I am NOT making a joke here, is where the surprise is. I mean… just LOOK at the ad that went out for WWDC09.



The image Apple used was… an iPhone.

In the drop down menu at the top the first device category listed is… the iPhone.

And in the copy of the text the first technology mentioned has to do with… the iPhone.

I know what you are thinking… now that the banners are up it is looking more and more like WWDC will largely focus on the iPhone and iPhone OS… SHOCKING.

Seriously, this isn’t a surprise. I LOVE using a MAC but until the tablet is released the Apple techology that continues to be groundbreaking is the iPhone and OS iPhone. Of COURSE there will be stress on it  this is, after all, Apple (who dropped the "Computing" from their name not that long ago).