Nokia Maps coming to iOS

On November 19, 2012

One of the best applications that Nokia has to offer is the Nokia Maps. This is because the map application can be highly accurate and is also one of the best ones in the market. Take any Windows Phone users for example. Once they go to Nokia, they will find it hard not to miss the Nokia Maps application that is present across all Lumia devices. So, when we know that Nokia Maps is coming to iOS, we can’t help but be excited as well.

Instead of being called Nokia Maps, the application will instead be known as Here. It will have voice guidance as well as public transportation directions for iOS users. Here will be a great addition to the App Store provided that it won’t have much trouble being admitted inside in the first place. In addition to that, it is also expected for Here to be available on Android devices too.

It seems like the Maps application by Apple has a lot of competitions. First, Google Maps is coming to the App Store as early as next month and now Here will make its way to iOS and Android as well. Whatever it may be, expect more choices and competitions for the Maps application from now onwards.