On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
Notebook is a powerful tool which gives you access to your notes anywhere. Use Notebook by itself or synchronize your notes to the web using, a free online service for notes and tasks. Capture your thoughts and ideas anywhere, categorize them, and synchronize them for safe keeping. Later on, you can browse by Notebook or search all notes by entering key words in the search field. Unlike other note taking applications available on the iPhone, Notebook does not require an Internet connection to create, modify, or access your notes. You can take notes, capture thoughts, and even modify existing notes at any time or any place. When you’ve got an Internet connection again, simply synchronize your changes and update your iPhone with any changes made on the web. Notebook also integrates with Todo, a popular task management app for the iPhone also created by Appigo. Use the share button to create a new Todo task directly from your note in a matter of seconds. If your Todo tasks have important notes in them, import them directly into Notebook for later reference. Additionally, share your notes with others by sending a note directly in an email. Other Notebook users can import notes from these emails directly into their copy of Notebook. For additional information and full video previews of Notebook, please visit Appigo’s website.
FEATURES: – Multiple notebook support – Search notes by key words – Synchronization anywhere – Offline access to your notes – Integration with Appigo Todo – Note sharing via email – No additional desktop apps to purchase – Excellent customer support

Notebook –

On September 15, 2008

Notebook can function either as a stand-alone app or in conjunction with Web 2.0 app Toodledo and Appigo’s ToDo. As a stand-alone app it is a really good notes app for the iPhone. When used with Toodledo (the amazing online task management program) it is a really, really good notes app for the iPhone. And when used with Toodledo and Appigo’s ToDo task program it is an AWESOME notes program for the iPhone.

I love the fact that each any every note can be easily edited and saved and that they are stored ON THE DEVICE for offline access.

In addition, a note can be emailed with two taps or sent to ToDo as a task (if you have Appigo’s ToDo and a Toodledo account.) Similarly, a ToDo task can now be sent to Notebook. This integration takes a simple notes app and makes it much more useful and powerful.

You can easily move a note from one folder to another, create new folders, modify existing folders etc.

You can sort notes by "Date Last Modified" or Alphabetically.

The preview setting can be shown to display from Zero to 7 lines of each note.

You can filter which notes folders you want to display.

If you sync with Toodledo you can set the app to sync on startup or simply do it manually.

Quick Take

Value: As a user of ToDo and Toodledo Notebook is a GREAT value– less so if you plan to use it as a stand alone notes app. Recommendation- USE IT WITH TOODLEDO!
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Low- I love that it is simple AND powerful
Who is it for:  Everyone who uses their iPhone/Touch for notes
What I like:  Works well, simple, stable, Appigo is awesome about updates and customer support
What I Don’t: Nothing 

Final Statement:  Notebook is a great app that adds tremendous value to ToDo and Toodledo. When the three are used togetherthey make, in my opinion, the best Task management program available for the iPhone. (More on that soon.) While I use Evernote and reQall all the time and they work great for notes, having a notes app integrated with my To-Do application is a huge bonus. Great app. Buy it.