Now You Can Video Chat Over 3G and With Non iPhone Devices!

On July 9, 2010

No its not FaceTime, that only lets you video chat over Wi-Fi.  Its the latest version of Fring!

Fring just updated their app to allow cross-platform video chatting with 2 mobile devices that have video cameras.  That means that you can have a video call from your iPhone to your friends Android device which has a front facing video camera (EVO 4G).

The new update also provides 2 iPhone users to video chat with each other over 3G.  Its not as easy to use as FaceTime, but the ability to do this from truly anywhere is a huge advantage in our opinion.  

The quality of the image over 3G is definitely not as nice as the one over FaceTime (which uses WiFi).  The picture is more pixelated and the sound quality is not as good.  The other trouble we found is that the option for video calling doesn’t always appear even though both parties might have it available on their devices.

Still, this is a big deal because it means that mobile face to face video is able to communicate now between platforms and hopefully in time, Fring will only get better with more updates.