Find out more about Office Jerk – A Free iPhone Game

On May 9, 2011

Recently was released an awesome game for “working people”, by the name of Office Jerk. The main objective of the game is about a guy that has to be sycophant or brown-noser. This is that kind of guy that runs to the boss and tells when you’ve did a mistake, make his best to win the boss‚Äô affection with an incredibly self-righteous character.

Now is your time to be even with this guy.

You can start by throwing with pieces of paper at him or an eraser or even a pencil at the nerd guy working that tells your boss everything. If you are really angry and want to throw much heavier objects at this geek, you can purchase whatever ACME packs you like and make your revenge. But you can also discover more funny objects as you go through the gameplay and beat that guy, you can find like dynamite, eggs, etc. And in the end, the brown-noser guy will turn around. What are you waiting for? Now it’s the perfect time for you to throw with several things at him and earn as many points as possible.

Office Jerk is a completely free game for now, so go ahead and download it from iTunes.


Via @iTunes