Organizational Tip- Why Evernote Is Awesome!

On August 7, 2008

I so prefer using a Mac that, for the first time in years, I’m using pen and paper instead of a tablet pc to take notes. The problem is, I moved to the tablet pc originally so that I could take notes and then have access to them electronically no matter where I was. (I’m not the most organized person and it prevented me from madly searching for lost notes when I needed them.) 

As I’ve mentioned previously, my solution these days is to take my notes once a meeting is over and immediately create a "Snapshot Note" of it in Evernote. That way I always know where my notes are.

Better yet,

I can search for notes based on the actual text in the note itself. Any app that can decypher my scribble is worth a look!


Apparently I’m not the only one using Evernote this way. Evernote’s most recent email update offers these great tips…

Great uses for Evernote on iPhone
We asked our friends on Twitter how they use Evernote for iPhone, here 
are some responses:
– I snap photos of business cards (trick: snap the photo from a 
distance, then pinch crop before submitting)
– I clip recipes from the web, then bring them up on my iPhone at the 
– I like taking audio notes-to-self using Evernote
– It’s my GTD to-do list manager
– I use it for "where the heck did I park my car?" snapshots

If you haven’t taken a look at Evernote for iPhone you really should. You can thank me later. 🙂