Pandora Lives!! Congress Saves Pandora: Economy Still In Question

On October 2, 2008

We just received an email from Pandora letting us know that the Senate passed the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008.  H.R. 7084, as it is called, made it through both houses of Congress. The bill allows Pandora and internet broadcasters like it to continue to negotiate fair royalties fees. This means Pandora and other internet radio stations will likely come to a fee structure that works and remain on the "air".

The note read-

Thanks a TON,
The bill passed the Senate on Tuesday night!!  So now we can hopefully wrap up the negotiations and get back to the business of building a musicians’ middle class.
The flood of listener responses this last weekend was nothing short of extraordinary, hope you don’t mind that I’m jumping in to help Tim answer these. We are eternally grateful, and I hope you realize just how critical your role was.
Onward, and upward!
Best, Aaron
Listener Advocate, Pandora

It is good news for those of us who love Pandora, Last.FM and the like. Glad to see there is SOME measure of wisdom coming from DC.