Photos app: Cannot Select Camera Roll in Albums

On June 8, 2011

I cannot select Camera Roll album in Photo app on iPhone with iOS 4 installed.

Cannot Select Camera Roll

The camera roll album in photo app cannot be selected because the application header overlaps the list view control containing the first element (Camera Roll).
The control needs padding at the top of the list such that first element is selectable. Hence I cannot enter my camera roll album.

This issue exists in both portrait and landscape modes on my iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3.3 (I suspect it would be occurring on iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 4th generation as well)

A simple fix for this camera roll issue:

– Close the Photos app in multi-tasking tray.
Go to homescreen by pressing home button once. Then press Home button twice to launch multitasking bar. Slide left or right to find the Photos icon. Press and hold it until it wiggles. Press the red minus sign to quit the app. Press Home again to exit multitasking. Relaunch Photos app.
Photos app should be working and selectable again.

If the problem still persist, try restarting the iPhone to fix the camera roll issue.