Pickin' Stix Classic – classic Pickup Sticks game for your iPhone

On May 17, 2011

Pickn’ Stix is a uncomplicated point-and-choose style game, where a player’s close attention  of the intertwined sticks gives  them the chance to acquire points by selecting the top stick on the pile. A new fashioned  day modification  of the classic Pickup Sticks game for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad is a considerable way for kids and adults to spend some time thinking, concentrating, and winning!





This multicolored and easy to play game is  fun for all ages and gives you the chance  for light play any time you like. Select  the top stick from the conglomeration  and try to overtake your best time. An incorrect stick choice will add to you some  penalty seconds to your time.

With very  easy  controls, it is an easy way to keep everyone from 4 to 40 occupied and having fun.



via @148apps