Pocket Informant Winners Announced

On May 4, 2009

As WebIS ramps up the move toward Pocket Informant we have been fortunate to have Alex offer us six promocodes for the current version. That means six of our readers will get copies of version 1.01 now and then, in a matter of days, get the upgrade to the new version which, as we showed in our exclusive pre-release look, begins to add additional features to the task management side of PI.

Among my favorite features… search for appointments and tasks. It works great!

Why am I such a fan of PI? As the WebIS site explains…

Proper to-do management is essential, but it’s only part of the picture. Pocket Informant is a full featured PIM, so it lets you focus on everything you do in a day – not just your to-do list. We believe bringing your appointments and to-dos together in one place is more efficient than working in isolated calendar and to-do management systems. Pocket Informant is designed to not force you into any one method of doing things. For example you can use our to-do View as rigidly or freely as you want, using GTD principles, Franklin Covey, or your own system. Pocket Informant also lets you sync your information with popular online services so you can easily access your data with any desktop computer or share it with others.

Well, we have our six promocode winners and they are…

ds iphone
Patrick May

Thanks to Alex and WebIS for making this possible!

For more information visit the WebIS site HERE.