RemindMeAgain reminds you again something that needs remembering

On April 13, 2013

RemindMeAgain is a tweak released in Cydia last evening, and with its help you can recall something that you forgot. This tweak is specially made to work only with iOS Reminders app its role is to double the notifications application, but after a certain period of time. Let’s say you set a reminder for tomorrow at 9 and miss it or close it without giving it much importance, well RemindMeAgain allows you to set these notifications to run again after a certain period of time so that you may be sure that you see it.

For those who’s tasks are vital and work with Apple’s Reminders app, this tweak will help you get your tasks done. The Reminders app is a good task manager with great integrated iCloud syncing. But it’s lacking on some fronts. It is because of that the Reminder notifications can get lost between all the clutter of messages and other push notifications that this tweak was written. What is does is simple, but acurate.

RemindMeAgain has a settings menu in the iOS Settings app, and there you can set the time period in which you can find notifications for reminders, they can be stopped only by deleting the Reminders app. RemindMeAgain is available in the ModMyi repo of Cydia.