Review – Infragistics NucliOS

On May 17, 2013

If you have ever tried building your own iOS app you will undoubtedly have noticed that it is really not the easiest thing to do, however with the recent release of Infragistics NucliOS you can now create beautiful native iPad and iPhone applications.

What makes NucliOS so great is the fact that it was built from the bottom up with performance in mind, in other words this is not just a port of an application originally built for another platform, NucliOS was built with the iOS platform in mind.

After having used NucliOS for a few days I can honestly say that it is packed with amazing features that will undoubtedly make help you create stunning apps for the iPhone and iPad.

If you want to create amazing charts then NucliOS offers more than 40 different types covering everything from bar charts to financial and scatter charts. Not only can you customize which chart you want to use but you can also change the colors and markers used on the charts. If you need to show a change in trends then NucliOS offers a motion framework allowing you to animate your graphs.


If you need to arrange something then why not use the grid template, NucliOS offers a plethora of different grids and tables you can apply to almost any data. Whether you are looking to add multiple columns or single rows to your app, there is a layout for everything.

In my opinion perhaps the best feature of NucliOS is the fact that everything from graphs to gauges come with the source code ready for you to add to your application.



NucliOS is already available in several different editions, for $295.00 USD you get the Community Edition, which includes forum-based support. However if you need phone or email support from Infrag… experts you can get the Standard Support edition for $495.00 USD. If you require 24-hour support you can purchase the Priority support edition, which gives you access to one year of priority phone, 24-hour chat and rapid response online support. Before deciding which version you need you can download a free trial as well as downloading a free sample browser from the Apple App Store.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend NucliOS to anyone wanting to create professional high quality applications for iPhone and iPad. Everything they offer is easy to use as well as customize and implement into your own applications.