Review of password app Mneumonic

On November 11, 2010

Mnemonic is a free app that helps you generate unique yet easy to remember passwords. By entering any phrase you want, it creates a password loosely based off l33t speak using the beginning of the words. This app is extremely easy to use and is great for making secure and seemingly random passwords.


This app doesn’t really have any features at all; it simply generates passwords. The one “feature” it does have is allowing you to change the Random Seed. This allows it to create different passwords from the same phrase.


First you have to enter a phrase that has some meaning to you and would be easy to remember. Once you enter this phrase, beneath you will see which part of the generated password comes from each word in the phrase. Because the password is based off something of significance to you, it should not be difficult to remember, and if you forget it, you can always retype the phrase in the app.

This is because entering the same phrase will always generate the same password, and this is where changing the Random Seed comes in. By going to the app’s settings (which is accessed through the default Settings app, not through the app), you can change the Random Seed to any value from one up to two billion. Changing this allows you to generate different passwords from the same phrase. However, if you forget your password, you must remember your Random Seed number to generate the same password again. Changing this number will not drastically change the password though, but will change uppercase and lowercase, and substitute certain letters for numbers and characters, so use it as your own discretion.

As an example of the security of the passwords, lets use the phrase “Mnemonic is a great app for everyone.” Typing this in creates “[email protected]” which seems to be a completely random string of numbers, letters, and characters, yet it is actually a phrase based off something of significance to you, making it simple to remember.


I found Mnemonic extremely easy to use and the passwords it creates are seemingly random yet for you they will be easy to remember. As long as you know or didn’t change the Random Seed, you can always retype the phrase into the app to get the same password in case you forget it. For these reasons I would absolutely recommend this app for anyone who needs to create a safe and secure passwords.