Ridiculous looking iPhone 4 cases

On November 13, 2011

iPhone 4 cases are plentiful in the market. A lot of these are good looking but there are also some outrageous or ridiculous looking iPhone 4 cases as well. The cases below will most probably put some people off but nevertheless, no matter how ridiculous these are, there will always be potential buyers.


The ARKHIPPO is definitely a huge iPhone 4 case. Expect losing full portability of a mobile phone once you get this iPhone 4 case. There are 7 colors available and at a price of $24 each. It also protects the iPhone from breaking due to accidental drops.


Buyers of the iBottleopener case either do not know that iPhones are not waterproof or simply do not care so much about the gadget. The case is sure is handy when there is a need to open up a bottle but be careful not to spill the liquid onto the phone in the process.

JAWS shark iPod cozy

It may look ridiculous but we can’t help but feel that the JAWS Shark iPod Cozy is an adorable case as well. It is suitable for all type of users and at a convenient price of $18, it isn’t too expensive either.