Rivet TREK Clip System – Giveaway

On January 15, 2009

Mike did a great job yesterday ranting about concerns over the dumbing down of the App Store.

He’s right. There are some applications that are just $.99 or even free that are superb but, more often than not, high quality applications, particularly those from independent developers, cost more than $.99.

Some are $4.99, some are $9.99, and some are even more.  

Oftentimes, however, it’s certainly worth it.

That doesn’t mean, however, you should be downloading any application that’s over 10 bucks. Because some of the more costly applications are absolutely worth every penny, while others aren’t.

We’ve got a few of the Rivet Systems that Dimitri reviewed last week available to give away tomorrow night. In order to enter to win one leave a comment below telling us –

What application have you paid more than $4.99 for and feel was worth every single penny?