Rundown of iPhone 5 Rumors

On July 18, 2012

The rumors on iPhone 5 have been present ever since the released of the iPhone 4S. This is because people had expected the latter to have something new and not an improved iPhone 4. The rumors have continued ever since and we have a collection of those rumors that will be presented in this rundown of all the rumors.

The first one is that the iPhone 5 will have a thinner and longer profile. For those that can’t imagine this, you can assume that there is one additional bar longer at the iPhone’s list of apps. In addition to that, the next iPhone will also be making use of the LTE network present all around the United States. However, this may be a problem much like the iPad where the 4G network isn’t compatible anywhere else. A quad-core processor is also rumored to be present on the next iPhone as well. In fact, it is expected that the iPhone 5 to have a modified A5X processor which was already present in the new iPad.

With this being said and done, we can certainly hope for a lot of improvements. One thing is certain: iOS 6 is coming and with it comes some new applications as well.