(App Review) RunStickRun! – A Beautiful Game for iPhone

On May 26, 2011

RunStickRun is a very simple game, but it certainly is addictive. Graphics is made up of small drawings without too much detail and fully reflects the simplicity that you will find, one of the main objective on this awesome game is to run as fast as you can, and don’t forget to jump as much as possible across platforms.

There are nine levels in total, which are differentiated according to the position of platforms and the particularity of these paintings is that they are all infinite.

There are 9 levels, in addition, there is a level of “random”, which is different each time you start. To blow up the little man of the platforms just touch the screen. As much as you can hold the screen your little man will jump according to it. In the game, you can also find a “bonus” that will allow us to go up on the plane or the car. But we must be careful to jump away from them before they explode, to avoid dying.

Besides those 9 levels there is a “random” level which is different each time it starts. As I’ve said before, to blow the little man from the platform you just need to touch the screen.