Sideclick remote adapter for Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire remotes

On May 14, 2015


Media streaming devices like the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV all come with remotes, but those remotes cannot control your TV, meaning you always at least need a second remote for that purpose alone. However, the need to always have second or third remote is taken care of by Sideclick, the new, innovative universal remote attachment that quickly and easily snaps onto your set-top box remote control.

Brett Epstein, the inventor/designer, says that with Sideclick you can now power up, control channels, volume, and input/source with one cohesive unit.

Epstein deigned 4 models of Sideclick, each having an ergonomic design of Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku remotes. Sideclick snaps in a second and is comfortable to hold. The device uses infrared learning tech that you can program in seconds. In fact, any device using IR tech can be programmed as a button on Sideclick.

For instance, do you want Sideclick’s volume control to work your sound bar but you also need to use the power button to power on/off your TV? You can easily do so with the Sideclick.

The company is currently raising money for their device via a Kickstarter campaign.