Siri for Android – Best trolling app for Android users

On December 31, 2011

2011 is coming to an end but it would be good to end it with a humorous post about one of the most lovable application on the iPhone 4S: Siri. Everyone that uses the iPhone 4S or is well known about the device should know about Siri and how it is unique only to that particular device. Sure, there may be a few hacks to make it compatible with all the other iOS devices but the point being that this application is unique only to iOS devices.

That is, until Siri for Android comes out. Don’t be alarmed though because this application isn’t an official app by Apple nor is it a fully functional Siri on which is ported to the Google Android platform. However, it is a terrible joke done by an irresponsible programmer. In fact, the application costs $0.99 and the irony is that it had garnered around 1000-5000 installs as well.

What this application does is that it installs an icon at the user’s launcher and with the click of the icon, the user is brought to the Google Voice Actions app which is anything but comparable to Siri. Nevertheless, it is a useless application that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.