Skype finally makes chat notifications only appear on device in use

On August 21, 2014


I don’t know about you guys, but I use Skype on my iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, as well as several Macs. There is nothing more annoying than chatting with someone on one device only to have an orchestra of pings sound from all other devices. Honestly it has gotten to the point where I have just turned off the notifications on all devices except for my iPhone, however if I am using the iPad Air for a chat conversation with someone then this method also results in me not getting pinged when I receive a new message.

The guys at Skype seem to also have been bothered by this as they note:

When you have the same app running in lots of places. Plink. Plink. Ring. Beep. Beep. Beep. ENOUGH! You don’t need your phone to tell you there’s a new message that’s right in front of your face on your computer screen.

Thanks to an update from Skype, this all seems to be in the past, Skype recognize which device you are using and then send notifications to only this device, once you then stop using the device, Skype will revert to sending the messages to all devices.

According to the update note:

The moment you stop actively using Skype on any device, all devices will receive notifications again to make sure you never miss anything important. When you pick up any one of your devices to respond, we will stop send notifications to all other devices. Call notifications are still sent to all devices so you can answer on whichever gadget you prefer, not just the one you’re closest to.