Skype for your Iphone – Talk as much as you want

On May 11, 2011

The word that you was looking for a long time¬† is “finally.” As in, “Oh look, Skype has finally get back into the competition by adding two-way video chatting to its VoIP iPhone app!” Of course , this¬† addition is one for which Skype-watchers and users have been thirsting since Fring’s two-way video calling app brings¬† into the iPhone app store this past July, following Apple’s introduction of its own Face Time video chatting software.




The¬† worldwide iPhone users¬† first need to know is that¬† an update to the free Skype for iPhone will start being seen in the App Store. The global roll-out may take a little¬† time, so you need to be patient if you don’t find it right away.

The app contains many of the features you’d expect. You can use either 3G or Wi-Fi to place two-way video calls, and the technology works in both landscape¬† and¬† portrait modes. You can mute a call, place or answer a call with just audio or with audio and video, and chang between the front-facing or rear-facing cameras. The Skype for iPhone app keeps¬† its auxiliary features as well, like instant messenger and SMS to chat with friends before, after, or during a call; and even the status message updates.