SmarterVoice for iPhone directs Google calls to phones depending on location

On June 6, 2013

Although some users underrate it, Google Voice is a crucial Google service. Google does not give it much attention and you may not see it among the options on Google Web page. To see it, you should delve down two more layers in the list of services and sites. However, millions of people depend on the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) option that offers free text messages and voices, call recording, and more.

One of the best features of Google Voice is that it can locate you from any place you are; it achieves this by calling up all of your telephone numbers. However, this is approach is rather scattershot. A highly targeted Google Voice can ring you up wherever you were.

Well, Google itself does not provide such a service though SmarterVoice does. This iPhone app can direct Goggle Voice calls to the phone you need depending on your latest location. To use the SmarterVoice, you just indicate on the map the phone that ought to ring when you’re in a certain place.

It isn’t surprising that Google Voice does not integrate this feature. Google seems less interested in developing its phone service though this third party application works effectively. It works by enabling your phones linked to Google Voice to locate and ring you at your preferred places.