Some iPhone 5 phones have trouble keeping audio call quality in areas with more background noise

On November 8, 2012

Apple has implemented in iPhone 5 no less than three microphones to provide users with high quality audio calls. Although the device is compatible with HD Voice technology, there seems to be some problems in using the terminal in an area with much noise. In these situations, the call quality is poor, users are saying that they hear what the other person says as if it had their ears “clogged” but they come back and say that this happens only when there is noise around the user, or when they are walking.

While talking over the noise was loud around me than I had a feeling of plugged ear, as if I were inside a bubble. It ‘something fastidios that led me to hang up the phone. The day after continuous testing outdoors, go to a town center and much as I walk and I talk about the strange sensations that lead me to have almost headache. We’re at 3 iPhone 5 to 3. I try to call two other friends and ask them to try to see this thing, I confirm now, they also had the strange sensations in some situations, we are at 5 of 5.

I’m curious if you have experienced such problems with your iPhone 5 terminals for Apple seems to have acknowledged the existence of such problems yet. On the Apple discussion forums there are plenty of people who complain of similar problems, but so far nothing seems to be done.