Sony SmartWatch Android: Specs and Price

On February 16, 2012

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch Android: Specs and Price Sony SmartWatch is the latest product from Sony that expected to be brought to CES. Since it’s news published in the internet. So far from the leaked picture that published in the internet we can see that this gadget looks like an ordinary watch. The different of this watch with the other ordinary watch is that this Sony SmartWatch got a touchscreen display on it. We might guess that this watch is created just the same with Motorola product that created to be fitness oriented. This Sony SmartWatch gives much better than Motorola does. This watch is intended for other purpose, it is devoted for those who need to stay close on the social network world. So, we can guess that Sony SmartWatch might attract the teenager’s attention.

There is some information that brought to you regarding Sony SmartWatch specs and features based on the official website of Sony Smartwatch. This device will run on Android 2.0 or higher. It will measure 36 x 36 x 8 mm. it weighs 15.5 g for the main unit and 26 for watchband. This watch will come with 1.3 inches display screen. The display screen will be supported with OLED capacitive touchscreen display. The screen is also supported with 128 x 128 pixels and 65K touch panel. It is divided into 9 areas where you can tap, in matrix 3×3. Bluetooth 3.0 will also available for this device that created for 10 m operating range. This Sony SmartWatch features vibration and has an accelerometer. This device also built dust and splash-proof. Since Sony SmartWatch is design as a watch, this device will take any 20mm wristband. So, you choose the wristband by yourself.

Since this Sony SmartWatch is intended to give us another choice of gadget, this device still fit to Android powered device. We can connect this Sony SmartWatch to device that powered by Android via Bluetooth. This device is also design to take call and also connected to Facebook and Twitter. Sony has also designed this device to fit with other Sony mobile gadget. The price tag of Sony SmartWatch that expected around $149.