Squirrels releases ScreenToss for Mac and Reflector Director iOS app

On July 17, 2015


Squirrels, the maker of popular Reflector, Slingshot and AirParrot apps, has recently launched two new apps – ScreenToss for Mac and Reflector Director.

ScreenToss automatically uploads any screenshots you capture to your favorite image-sharing service. The app gives you a single keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot, upload it and copy the link. All that’s left is sharing it with others. ScreenToss supports Imgur and Dropbox.

Get ScreenToss from the Mac App Store.

Reflector Director, a companion iOS app to Reflector 2, is a brand new technology that allows Mac and PC users to remotely control their displays. It’s especially useful in education and business, as it was designed to let presenters step away from their Mac or PC and continue to interact with audiences.

With Reflctor Director you can easily show and hide devices, emphasize screens, enable full screen mode or change device frames all while away from your computer.

It requires the Reflector 2 running on your computer.

Get Reflector Director from the App Store.