Slingshot app allows cross-platform screen and file sharing

On May 1, 2014


Squirrels, the maker of popular Reflector and AirParrot apps, has today launched Slingshot, a service-based application allowing iOS, Mac and Windows screen and file sharing “to anywhere in the world.”

Using Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring and other related protocols, Slingshot lets you share your iOS, Mac or Windows screen with anyone in a Slingshot session – regardless of the device they are using (Android is supported too).

Slingshot is claimed to be the first application that allows “screen sharing from a mobile device while meeting with others online.”

The service also includes online collaboration and meeting tools. Meeting Minutes allows anyone in a session to take collaborative notes in real time, and instant file sharing shares files with everyone in a session regardless of the device they’re using. Users files appear instantly in the meeting for others to review and download.


The app also allows to mirror a specific application while continuing to use other applications. Only one screen can be shared at a time.

Video, audio and text chat are available across all devices, too.

Slingshot also includes face-to-face chat with up to five streaming webcams in a session.

The service is available free for 30 days. The individual plan allows one-on-one collaboration and screen sharing for $9.99 USD. Other plans are available that allow more users, more webcam feeds, dial-in access and more concurrent sessions.

The developer offers special pricing and plans for corporations and larger groups with “unique needs.”

You can find the pricing and more info on Slingshot at

Slingshot app is available on the App Store and Google Play for free.