Steve Jobs Biography: Apple working on integrated TV

On October 22, 2011

Apple TV was quite a big flop by the company until recently when they made some changes to the device which can be said, pleased a lot of Apple fans as well. Steve Jobs had envisioned far beyond the current Apple TV and had Apple working on an integrated television with Apple services as well. This was mentioned in an authorized biography about one of Apple founders.

Through the biography, we had learned that Steve Jobs wanted a simple yet excellent television which applied the same concept on how he revolutionized the mobile devices and MP3 players. One way of doing so was by integrating the TV with Apple iCloud service which would allow all media to be stored on the cloud. He had envisioned for a television without the need of DVD players or any complexities that current television has.

However, one of the problems that the company faced was about content as TV show producers weren’t interested in giving out their contents at only 99 cents. This may be the same concept that Steve Jobs had applied in his iTunes. The question right now is will the device ever be manufactured? Only time will tell. As of now, we recommend that you don’t put your hopes up too much.