Study: Siri shames Apple in iOS 7

On October 25, 2013

Apple still boasts with enhanced functionality and accuracy offered by Siri in iOS 7, even if few users appreciates it.


The Apple event held yesterday in San Francisco began as usual, with a wave of statistics more or less useful. The weekend launch of the iPhone were sold globally no less that 9 million such devices. Opposite the rate of adoption of the new iOS 7 were reported in the market 200 million devices updates in less than five days after publication updates on the internet, on September 18. The only issue that Apple does not have to be proud is Siri from iOS 7.

Virtual Assistant from Apple incorporates not far from the expected success of the giant in its recent events. In the U.S., where Siri should feel at home, from 2330 iPhone surveyed users, 85% have never called the intelligent voice in the new firmware. A more aggressive statistics related to the same topic includes only 7.46% of respondents who rushed to claim that Apple overrated Siri voice recognition abilities. A positive in the same report indicates that 56% of those who have played with with it hidden behind the iOS home button, have classified the interpreting voice commands as highly precise or accurate. The remaining 44% were assigned to “Hit or Miss” (occasionally) or worse.

Nigel Cannings from Intelligent Voice, the company behind the study, doesn’t classify above values ??as a reprimand for Apple, but rather for all companies that promote such intense application to which most people continue to have a reluctance.

Although Siri was introduced a few years ago, with the iPhone 4S, it was the perfect time for such a report, as iOS 7 was the first firmware that removed the beta attribute from Siri.

How much do you appreciate Siri in iOS 7?