Sushi Go Round – manage a sushi restaurant

On May 25, 2011

Managing  a sushi restaurant is a very  tough job. With all the different types of delicious rolls flying off the sushi bar as long as you  make  sure that you have enough new ingredients on hand to keep your customers hopping, it will be  enough to make your head spin! Sushi Go Round application gives you the chance to   enjoy all of the action, with no  cleaning afterwards.




Sushi Go Round provides all the trappings of an usual  Dash game, with customers needing to be satisfied in  a certain limit of time, having something on-hand to calm  them if you have to  and a cash objective to hit each day.

Still  Sushi Go Round application differ in its execution. For beginners, you will have to examine up each recipe in your recipe book in order to understand  what to make. As soon as  you see the icon above your customer’s head, you will have to fit it  with the item from the recipe book, then click  on the ingredients to accomplish the roll they want