Take a Guess! From Revolutionary Concepts and Collect3 Promo

On April 7, 2009


…the makers of Picture and Video Safe.

Here we are again! Another promotion that we are going to run till the actual application is released. What is it? I don’t know! What does it do? I don’t know? Is it cool? I don’t know but I’m sure it will be because it is simply exciting! What is exciting? I don’t know?

Ok, basically, the way you enter is by replying to this post and take a wild guess as to what is going to be behind this door. What is behind this door? I don’t know! Wait, I do know something… this door is the intro screen when you first launch this “I don’t know” application.
If it’s anything like Picture Safe or Video Safe, it will definitely be something good! What is good? I don’t know!

I will tell you what I do know, reply now and within a matter of a couple weeks, the application should be released and the prize will be all three applications from Revolutionary Concepts.

1. Video Safe
2. XBMC Remote
3. Animal Snap!
4. XBMC Music Streamer
5. I don’t know…

That is a whopping total of 5 applications!

In addition, we will also give away 10 more of the new application (I don’t know what it is) to the 10 people who has the funniest guesses!

Stay tuned to this post for every week we will debut a new image and tip for this secret application, teasing you more and more. Yes, we are such a tease!

Here is the first tease and tip:

TIP #1: You’ll Get Your Fill










Thanks Revolutionary Concepts and Collect3 !