Thanks to the new super-wifi, iPhone will be able to connect to WiFi from 100 km

On July 30, 2011

These days IEEE, the organization that deals with all standards regarding WiFi network, has officially published the technical specification for the next 802.22 WiFi standard.

The particularity of this new standard is that on all devices in which will be implement will be able to connect to a WiFi router located at a distance of 100 km with a maximum speed of 22Mbs.

A step ahead of the current standard implemented in current Apple devices, WiFi 802.11.n. Apple has always been attentive to new technologies and always immediately implemented new standards on their own devices and the same will happen with the new 802.22 WiFi standard.

Obviously it will take 2 or 3 years before this standard will be on our iPhones and the publication characteristics for this standard does not coincide with his immediate implementation. Today, the Super-wifi took the first step towards the future and in a few years we can connect to WiFi with our iPhone from our home router and work wherever we are in town.