The 10 Most Expensive Apps for iPhone and iPad, With Prices Up To 1000 Euros!

On May 31, 2013

Do not be fooled, the crisis they are talking about only serves to scare people to subvert those in power. The ones who have an iPhone or an iPad, and of course, is not the type that counts the money in the wallet before making a purchase will be very happy of this article devoted to the rich people.

This is the top of the most expensive applications for iPhone and iPad that you can buy on the App Store iTunes.

10) Water Globe is a very useful app to have a crystal ball that moves on the screen by shaking the phone or using your finger.

The ball is the one that you buy at tourist stalls with snow inside that moves. The price of 200 Euros is just shabby for an app like this!

9) BizjetMobile (229.99 Euros) app is a bit ‘more useful than the previous one (but remember that the true luxury should never be useful) that allows people to use the iPhone or iPad as a satellite phone in a plane.

On some smaller planes that have a data connection via satellite, with this application, is possible connect to the satellite connection via bluetooth.

This is the perfect app for those who often rise in private jets.

8) SafeSession ?ncryption Voice is an app that costs only 260 euros and you will love it if you need to cover the voice and avoid being intercepted.

Basically, if you have to call Berlusconi, you can install this app, and then encrypt so the call (VOIP) cannot be spied on.

7) Touch Chat HD is the most useful app on this list and it is a bit ‘outrageous that even costs 270 Euro (luckily there is a Lite version of 9 Euros).

I say this, this time seriously, because it is an application that helps people with disabilities or speech problems, to communicate using drawings and on iPad screen.

6) MobileCamViewer Enterprise Basic (320 Euro) is an application on the iPhone or iPad to see the filming of the security cameras, up to 6 at a time.

5) Touch Menu (360 Euro)

Returning to joking, we see this application for those running restaurants, hotels and luxury places to create the menu.

In a high-end restaurant class where the dishes are very special and where the menu changes every night, instead of presenting the menu card, it brings to customers a menu in an iPad, with this application open. I wonder why I never ate at a place where the menu is given on an iPad.

4) Mighty Brace Pro is one of the very expensive type of apps that you can buy on the App Store at a price of 449,99 Euro.

This application helps children to brush their teeth for good and avoid taking tooth decay.

The app is intended for dentists and orthodontists who can use an iPad to educate and convince their younger patients, with a cute and interactive cartoon, to treat mental health.

3) VUECad (899 Euro) is professional and serious app for viewing Cad drawings.

2) Alpha Trader (899.99Euro) is the app for the finance magnates and stock market traders who want to be better informed of Warren Buffet to gain the most from financial speculation.

Alpha Trader seems to have the ability to predict the trend of stock markets in order to make the right decisions.

1) The most expensive app in the store, it is IVip Black (900 Euro).

Installing IVip Black on your iPhone you become part of the exclusive world of billionaires, receiving all the tips to book luxury hotels, the best restaurants, booking yacht or private aircraft and receiving invitations to the most exclusive parties where only a true VIP can go.

It’s like having a privileged card in your iPhone to receive benefits and geo information.

After all, what are 1000 Euros for a true gentleman? For us, there are also cheaper versions of this app: IVip Blue and Red IVip which is free of charge.