The Cheap iPhone Comes With The Disappearance Of 3.5 Inch Screens

On July 8, 2013

An alleged prototype of the cheap iPhone, developed by Apple, was presented yesterday by an Asian forum and there we first saw exactly how should the terminal look like. Given that it is presented as a cheap version of iPhones, many would have expected the terminal to have a 3.5 inch screen which would allow Apple to partially reduce production costs. Well, the device has a 4 inch screen, just like the iPhone 5, and behind this strategy there is a reason.

Apple wants to give up the 3.5 inch screens for iPhones and launching a cheaper iPhone with 4-inch screen is the best proof of this. Although the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S will remain on sale yet 1/2 years, the cheaper iPhone is released with 4-inch screen and this shows that for Apple the idevices standardization and user experience is more important, rather than its price. Apple asks developers to update their apps to be compatible with 4-inch screens, and the launch of a new device with a small screen would be impossible now.

The 3.5 inch screens will be history in a few years, during which Apple will most likely move to higher diagonal screen, but manufacturing a cheaper iPhone as the present one, shows that the screens with old dimensions already shows no interest for the company.