The coolest iPhone applications from 2011

On December 18, 2011

The iPhone, no matter how controversial it is, remains one of the best gadgets. And the AppStore App is the fuel tank of the Apple gadgets. This year, apart from the exclusive and explosive application preinstalled on the iPhone 4S (Syria, of course), iPhone owners have turned to social networking and gaming platforms.

Productivity applications are found also in the top, but their degree of popularity pales in front of Facebook’s site and Foursquare.

A precise ranking is obviously impossible to make, given the diversity of segments that the applications fall. However, iPhone owners were delighted in 2011 with the following (the order is irrelevant):


Developed by a professional photographer, the Camera+ application comes with an extensive set of features than those offered by preinstalled standard software: burst shooting, image stabilization and timer are just a few of them. After the catch, you have plenty of tools for editing: crop (cut), digital effects, add frames, etc.

Cut the Rope

Angry Birds dominated the App Store charts in 2010. However, this year has left the place of an “addictive” game, but from the point of view many more logical and intelligent thought: Cut the Rope. It is also a puzzle game. As in chess, you have to think some moves before acting. In this case, you must cut the ropes so that the suspended candy to reach the mouth of Om Nom Frog.

Plants vs. Zombies

As in zombie movies, which never went short of fans, the game Plants vs. Zombies promises a slow action but steady. A game where you should not think too much but rather to act quickly to prevent the creatures to reach your house and devour you.

Word Lens

Word Lens is an application based on augmented reality. With the camera on the iPhone, you can translate in real time various signs and boards that meet on the street. Thus, when traveling in a country whose language is entirely unknown to you, you can focus more easily.

Weather Channel

The weather application preinstalled on the iPhone it seems that is not pleasing to users, since the vast majority opt for Weather Channel, an alternative that provides warnings, long-term forecasts and many other weather related information.


With this application you can quickly locate points of interest located near you: restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, hospitals, shops, hotels and more.


Mixology turns you into an exceptional bartender, asking you to provide a lot of ingredients that you can mix and prepare a cocktail.

Lose it!

As increasingly more individuals are faced with obesity, Lose It! is normal to be a popular application. It rather provides users with accurate information about calories and food history. However, results also depend on giving up and moving to a sedentary life physically active. And here again Lose It comes with a special section in the counting effort.


Facebook doesn’t need any presentation. The number one social networking platform is most popular among iPhone users.


Foursquare is also a social application, but based on location. With Foursquare, you can tell your friends where you are, without having to give dozens of phones in or to send mass SMS.


Springpad is a great organizer that includes everything you need to know at every step what to do and what will you do. Springpad includes the classic book notes, photo reminders, the stock of food and more.

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms and not only by owners of iPhone, but the rest of the smart phone users with Android, Symbian and Blackberry. This is because the application allows communication between all members, regardless of the operating system.

No doubt there are many other iPhone applications that should enter the top. But I leave you to express your preferences.