The top 5 technology trends that will dominate 2014

On November 23, 2013

xbox2014 is going to be a year for great strides in technology. Already, there are many signs that show that the future may be closer than we think. If everything goes to plan, there is a good chance that some unbelievable advancements will be made. The best feature of most of these devices is that they allow you to keep in touch with other users while you are using the device.

Smart televisions
The first big change that we can expect in the New Year is that customers will begin to expect and even demand televisions with Smart capabilities. Gone are the days of simply using your television to watch broadcasted shows. The new era is here with feature packed units that deliver more than anyone could have predicted even a few years ago. Apple is in the process of developing their iTV, which promises to be one of the technological benchmarks of TV advancement. With strong competition from companies such as Panasonic, LG, Sony and Samsung, new features and gimmicks are bound to continue cropping up regularly as these highly successful companies compete for the top spot in the market. Prices are set to continue to fall, however, with the majority of customers already expecting the ability to stream video from Hulu and Netflix and even access their web browser through their televisions. You can even communicate with people continents away on Skype while still watching tv.

Smart watches
An exciting and increasingly futuristic item to look forward to in 2014 is even more advanced smart watches. Forecasters predict that these will become even smarter the further we move into the New Year. Instead of checking our smartphones for updates, appointment reminders and emails, we will be checking our watches. One of the smart watches that are most anticipated is Google’s offering, which is rumored to feature Google Now – an application that provides on the move real time updates on the world around you. Another great feature to look forward to is the improvement of voice control for such devices. Also, allows you to communicate hands free.

Google Glass
Google Glass has been capturing the minds and imaginations of citizens the world over. The concept of augmented reality available to the layman is an almost irresistible thought. Even though Google hasn’t begun mass sales on this intriguing gadget, it is already one of the most popular pieces of technology being talked about today. Augmented reality glasses allow the wearer to see their texts and emails right in front of their eyes in a hands-free user experience that is similar to the heads up display in a car. With the added ability to take photos and videos hands-free and visual directions while walking, cycling or driving, these breathtaking devices are guaranteed to impress. Surprise! You can communicate!

Apple’s famed TouchID is destined to find its way in to far more devices and make the traditionally sci-fi notion of on-the-move fingerprint reading a remarkable reality. Initially used to provide the highest level of security for iPhone users, this promising technology is already being conceptualized for use in many other devices.

Xbox One and Playstation 4
Possibly the most eagerly anticipated releases in the coming year will be the Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4. These highly demanded consoles are set to integrate social media even more into their operation to connect users on a deeper level. In the very near future, it is possible that gamers could have followers and work together to achieve the game goals. It is speculated that the new technological advancements will enable players of equal skill to be pitted against each other. When communication between teammates first started on these devices it was considered an amazing breakthrough for the video game world, and it keeps getting better.

The great thing about technology is that it has the ability to entertain and give us the information we need in a matter of seconds. However, the downside has been that it disconnects us from each other. We were gaining knowledge, but losing out on social communication. With these devices we are now able to plug in to knowledge and entertainment while still being able to communicate with one another. Those who have a masters in communication are gaining more tools for their career.