This is the first possible image of the case of iPhone 5

On August 27, 2011

Now we have a possible case of the new iPhone 5 device. The images were published by an American site that says this case was marked with the code name EVT but also the codename N94 correspondent to iPhone 5.

N94 was found within the iOS 4.3 File System and corresponds to the iPhone 5 device, to be launched this year and the codename EVT means Engineering Verification Test, is the name given to prototypes and tested by engineers before launching a new product.

The interesting part of this case lies in the fact that it was made on 7 June 2011, ie after WWDC conference that unfortunately was not given anything. The new iPhone case resembles that of the iPhone 4, shows a modified design of antennas and according to the published photos, the test device has a built-in an A5 chip and like in the iPad 2 tablet.

If this will be or not iPhone 5 remains to be seen at the conference in September but if this is the case of the new device then you notice that the structure remains the same so unfortunately we could not see a larger screen in iPhone 5.

As we can see, the cover is white and this claims that iPhone 5 in white will be produced from day one. We will be back with more details related to this subject as soon as we’ve digged more information. Stay tuned!