Tic Tac Mints – Now Even Lower In Calories

On March 28, 2009

Put this one in the "iPhone as touchscreen marketting device" column.

The makers of Tic Tac Mints have broken into the iPhone developement world with a new, free app that turns your iPhone or Touch into an oversized Tic Tac Box. With its no-button face the iPhone is a perfect candidate for Tic-Tac-ization.

Can’t live without your Tic Tacs?

It asks…

Now they are available in your iPhone. Shake them around, hear that famous rattle, choose your favourite flavour and "share" with your friends. But most importantly, have fun and shake it up a little!

When you start the app you get a quick peak at the various types of Tic-Tacs (I love the orange ones) and hear the typical "Tic Tac shake" sound. The app then defaults to peppermint (also a favorite) but with a flick of the finger you can change the flavor and, in doing so, the color.

The motion of the mints is somewhat slowed for some reason but the mints do fall, shake etc in a natural-seaming manner.

The app’s description promises

Watch this space for future announcements as well, as a very special upgrade will be coming your way very soon.

Can you say "Tic Tac Coupon"?

It is a fun little app that, were they to charge for it, would be a ripoff. Since it is free you might as well check it out here… Tic Tac®