Tiny Thief will sneak into the App Store next Thursday

On July 4, 2013

Rovio Stars is upto a quick start. Only a couple weeks has passed after the successful release of IceBreaker, that the much expected Tiny Thief will be pushed in too.

This 2D ‘point and click‘ puzzler will find itself for download next Thursday.

You can watch a preview of Tiny Thief below:

Unlike many other point and click games, Tiny Thief is really simple and a side-scroller. Telling the story of a Medieval thief, this one is all about strategy and stealth. With the perfect timing and a bit of common sense, you could be the ‘most wanted’ in Italy.

“Tiny Thief is an addictive puzzle-solving, hidden-objects adventure. Set in a medieval fantasy world full of surprises, the game brings back the magic of point-and-click games with a distinctive visual style and oodles of humor.”

So watch out for this colorful entertainer next week and as usual, we’ll get you a full review once it is out.