Tom Hanks releases iPad App "Hanx Writer"

On August 14, 2014


As if winning Oscars isn’t enough for Tom Hanks, the acclaimed actor has just decided to release an app for the iPad. Earlier today Hanks announced that he is launching a free writing app for the iPad, called Hanx Writer.

According to the iTunes page:

No longer must you surrender modern luxuries, like the DELETE key, to enjoy the look, feel, and sound of good, old-fashioned word-processing. Each document crafted in Hanx Writer can be emailed, printed, and shared and has its own unique statement-making personality. 

While the app is free, you can also get additional upgrade features such as  ability to create multiple documents, add photos, change background themes and even select your typewriter’s ribbon color. These upgrades will cost $2.99 each.

Hanks even did a live Q&A with the App Store on Twitter this morning to promote the app, you can read the whole interview here.