Is the Tom Tom App + Kit a good idea?

On August 25, 2009

I’m going to go out on a limb here–I’m betting that almost everybody here likes gadgets.  So when I heard about the Tom Tom GPS app, my first thought was "COOL!"

Then when I saw  the pricetag was $100 I thought, "Ok–but it’s a GPS in the phone, and if I didn’t have a GPS, this would be Cool."

Then I saw the kit costs another $100.  Um, where’d the ‘cool’ factor go?

From what I’ve read, the kit comes with a charger (nice), it’s own GPS chip that is supposed to be more accurate (not too bad), and it works with an iTouch. 

So with a few extras it MAY be worth it, but then again, for $200 I could purchase a stand alone unit and listen to Pandora on my iPhone.

Maybe I’m missing something? Tell me what you think!