TomTom iPhone sales starting!

On August 17, 2009

Tom Tom is finally available for the iPhone.  Some countries have already gone live including Australia and New Zealand, and it seems like the U.S. and Canada as well as 20 others will follow over the next 24 hours.

Prices seem to be as follows (as shown in the New Zealand iTunes system);

– U.S. & Canada: NZ $124.99 (US $84.41)
– Western Europe: NZ $179.99 (US $121.55)
– Australia: NZ $104.99 (US $70.90)
– New Zealand: NZ $119.99 (US $81.03)

These prices are only for the app / maps and obviously dont include the hardware car kit with mounts, additional GPS receiver, built in speaker, and power cables.  The additional kit will also have an audio output and mic so the iPhone can be used as a bluetooth speakerphone.  Tomtom also made a pre-order available at some retailers in the UK which included both app and car kit for around $163.39 USD.

I guess we will know much more details and pricing as the app begins to appear in more countries over the next day or so.

 What do you think?  Gonna buy it?  Ready to put away your portable Garmin for the iPhone TomTom?